Dr Erdi joins City Garden Clinic

October 2017.

Upon repeated request of Dr ABD, Dr Erdi has joined City Garden Clinic as new medical superintendant. Dr Erdi came to Sierra Leone in 2009, at that time to Magbenteh Community Hospital, where she worked closely together with Dr ABD for 2 years.

Since then she has been working in Yele, Sierra Leone, where she, together with a team of national and international people started up a new hospital successfully. During the Ebola outbreak the hospital continued to provide health care and assisted greatly in the fight to stop the Ebola.

As Dr ABD has been (and will likely continue) to be very busy with politics, he can not give the time and attention to the clinic and patients as needed, therefore he is very happy Dr Erdi has joined City Garden Clinic.

Management and staff of City Garden Clinic have given Dr Erdi a warm welcome.