Dr Erdi represents Dr ABD and City Garden Clinic in the USA

November 2017.

As Dr ABD was invited to the USA by his friends Steve of 4HIM and Dr Jeff Smith of Foot Print Mission, but was denied a visa, Dr Erdi took his place.

Dr Erdi made several presentations. The first was at a fundraiser/reunion of 4HIM. Many very good and successful projects are supported through 4 HIM in Ghana, India and also in Sierra Leone. Steve and his wife Nancy have been very good to Dr Erdi during her stay with them.

Together with Steve, Erdi also went to a meeting of TECH, an enthusiastic group Christian NGO’s, assisting with various forms of medical equipment. It was great to meet so many wonderful people all serving God and doing their utmost best to show their care to the world. In this meeting Dr Erdi gave a presentation about the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.

This meeting was followed by a very big conference of so many Christians from all over the USA, all serving or planning to serve God in the area of health care.

Then the trip continued to Michigan where Dr Erdi met with Maggie, Dr Jeff and prof Hulme. They all were very welcoming. Additional people have joined the team of Foot Print Mission and a great new boost has been given to the Child Care Center project. It was good to meet and exchange ideas to make it a successful project.

We hope to return the hospitality to all our friends in the USA, when they will come and visit us in Sierra Leone.