ALMA students

Alma is a town in Midchigan, where dr Jeff Smith is also from. Many years ago, when dr ABD visited there for the first time, he met prof Hulme.

Prof Hulme is a college professor and one of his tasks is to arrange (educational) trips/experiences for the students of ALMA College.

Now prof Hulma is also board member of Foot print Mission USA, who set up and supports the Child Care Center in Makinkisa.

Already for many years students have been coming to Magbenteh Hospital. This year is the first year the students are coming to City Garden Clinic and to the Child Care Center at Makinkisa.

Ellen, Taylor, Charlie and Cassidy visited us.

We do miss them a lot!

We look forward to the continuation of this partnership with ALMA College!

Thank you prof Hulme for all you do for Sierra Leone!!!