City Garden Clinic receives an ECG machine from the ‘Zonnehuis’ in Beekbergen, the Netherlands.

While on leave in the Netherlands, dr Erdi was offered to look at some equipment that was replaced by “het Zonnehuis” in Beekbergen, the nursing home where dr Erdi her mother lives.

So of course she went there. Some items might be useful, but too big to take along, other items were not suitable for the hospital in Sierra Leone.
But there was also a good working ECG machine, with spare stickers and (some) spare paper.

In Sierra Leone there are amny heart problems, although most come in late (heartfailure) stage, an ECG machine can really help to get correct diagnosis and treatment.

An old German machine that was at City Garden Clinic was not functioning well any more, so functionally there was no ECG machine. So we are very happy with this donation!!