City Garden Clinic receives UUS in laptop size

Since his visit last year, Steve and Rick Wood had not forgotten us. So when they managed to get an ultrasound in laptop size, they immediately thought of City Garden Clinic.

The problem was to get it to Sierra Leone. As there was no container yet going, the ultrasound was still in the US..

Until Bill Boston (friend of Theresa, who again is a friend of Steve), was traveling to Sierra Leone and was willing to carry the extra suitcase with the laptop ultrasound and attached power supply/equipment.

The ultrasound that is in use before3 this laptop version arrived, is a huge one and had a problem with the tracker ball (so it was no longer possible to do measurements – especially a problem to get the gestational age in pregnancy ultrasounds)

This new one has a good working tracker ball. But in America it had been used vascular (a.carotis) ultrasound, so the probe that came with iot did not allow us to do abdominal or obstetric scans.
Steve and Rick were able to help us out again, and managed to buy the correct probe for us!

Since the new probe is available, we use the machine on a daily basis, it gives very good pictures.

Tjis ultrasound helps us a lot in getting the correct diagnosis, in obstetrics and gynecology, in cardiology (fluid overload), in urology (eg prostate size/shape),and general abdominal ultrasound (eg free fluid in acute abdomen).

The hospital and its patients owes a lot to Steve and Rick.

Thank you so much!