Conference room set up donated by “Antonius Ontwikkelings Fonds”

On the top floor of City Garden Clinic a conference room was created. The aim of this room is to be able to hold meetings, gatherings (like a Christmas Party) and have better opportunity for teachings at the hospitals and worship service.

The room was there, but the furniture to make it functional was still lacking.

A proposal was send to the ‘Antonius Ontwikkelings Fonds’ via Nynke, our partner and great assistant in diabetes care, in the Netherlands.

The proposal was approved and the local carpenter Idrissa ’Putin’ Sesay and his boys started to work. They made 6 tables and a cupboard.

A whiteboard was bought in Freetown (from a separate donation of Anneke, nurse from the Netherlands).

With very generous discount (via Sande3r from Smarter Hospital and ForEyeT) the beamer was bought in the Netherlands and brought by mr Rudi on his return.

Dr ABD bought 42 chairs in Freetown for a good price thank to his thorough negotiations.

All was well coordinated by the facility manager of City Garden Clinic, mr Rudi.

Regular teachings have started!!

A great THANK YOU to Antonius Ontwikkelings Fonds!