Delivery in OPD

At City Garden Clinic we do not have a maternity unit or a labor ward as for now (due to several reasons: the financial sustainability when the government services are for free in this field and secondly we do not have the staffing for this).

But if a woman needs an elective caesarian section, we do assist them.

So also this family who requested for an elective caesarian section as the two previous deliveries had been complicated with long-term consequences for the babies.

After discussing with the parents we selected a date for the admission and the operation the next day.
But one day earlier she started to have pain, which did not stop, but only got worse. So in the evening she decided to come to the hospital (as she was instructed to come if any problems).

On arrival she was in well established labor. CHO Yusif and STP Hassan were there with the lady, when they called dr Erdi.

She immediately came and started calling the theatre team for an emergency caesarian section. But even before she could call all, the baby started to become visible. The team of staff present guided this delivery without any complications.
A healthy baby was born; both mother and baby are doing well.

The biggest problem was that City Garden Clinic is not used to vaginal deliveries, so a delivery set ect is not ready. But with some improvisation all went well.

Always be ready for the unexpected…..