Visit Foot Print Mission

Dr Jeff has been a good friend/brother of dr ABD for a long time. He has visited Magbenteh, but he has not yet stayed in City Garden Clinic (although he did visit City Garden Clinic when in Magbenteh).

This trip he came together with pastor Paul and pastor Ron Woolsley.
The trip was not so much medical and operations as previous trips, which gave them more time to experience Sierra Leone, talk to dr ABD and others and have a look around the clinic for themselves.

As Foot Print Mission is the big supported behind the Child Care Center in Makinkisa, they also spend time there, with a big thank you ceremony.

Their visit was concluded with a wonderfull thank you party with all City Garden Clinic staff.

Dr Jeff, pastor Paul and pastor Ron, thank you so much for coming, thank you so much for your loev and care for Sierra Leone and City Garden Clinic and the Child Care Center in Yele especially!!