X-ray viewer from Masanga

As City Garden starts to treat more orthopeadic cases, more X-ray are being viewed.
An X-ray is normally printed on special X-ray film. There is need for a light from behind to see the structures/bones well.
For months/years we have been using daylight: holding the X-ray up to the sky, with sometimes clouds or trees behind.

As hospitals that are much dependent om donors for equipment and other medical stuff it is important to work together. So when the doctors from Masanga Hospital visited uis and found out we are planning to create a makeshift viewer, they offered to check their store, as they were donated more than they needed themselves, including additional X-ray viewers.
So the next visit to Masanga we came back with the viewer and got it installed in our Out Patient Department. It works very well, it also makes it easier to teach and to consult.