40 hernia’s sponsored

Inguinal hernias are quite common in Sierra Leone, but untreated can have serious complications, including death.

Hernia’s also have a major social impact as it can make the breadwinner to become unable to do his or her job.

But unfortunately, not all people with hernia’s have the means to get treatment. So in poorer or rural areas there are people suffering with large hernias and their family is suffering too, as the family income is reduced.

This is why 4HIM sponsors from time to time groups of hernia patients to get treated at City Garden Clinic. Also, this September/October a group of 40 patients came in two badges. Pastor Nat has assembled the patients from the area around Masiaka where he is working.

At City Garden Clinic they get checked, some might not be hernia’s but other illness that will require proper treatment too.


All receive medical care, but also food is provided for them.

This gives City Garden Clinic much work, but also income, so we are very happy with it as well. And it gives us at City Garden Clinic a chance to do what we stand for: serve the sick.

The staff at City Garden clinic showed good teamwork and all went very smooth. On arrival of the second badge, most of the first group could join pastor Nat back home.

And about a week later also the second group could go home.

We are very grateful to 4HIM and its sponsors to make this possible