Change the Game Academy Program

Sustainability of projects in Africa and Sierra Leone specific is very important. Also, Wilde Geese, the sponsor we work with together with Smarter Hospital, has sustainability high on their agenda.

So besides being a co-sponsor fo r improving City Garden Clinic (with renovation, waste disposal area, X-ray room, X-ray, additional laboratory equipment and anesthesia machine), they also want to assist us in becoming more sustainable.

Therefor a training was organized in Sierra Leone by WASCI on local fundraising. Dr Abdul Sesay represented us at this training.

He came back very enthusiast and full of new ideas.

The proprietor of City Garden Clinic is already quite skilled in sustainability, as the running of City Garden Clinic is done from own income. The clinic is running and expanding in the last 10 years, due to own income and some good friends that support the clinic.

For mayor investments, like the X-ray machine, we are depended on donors.

We are very happy with this opportunity for Dr Abdul to attend the training as that helps the future of the clinic.

Thank you Wilde Geese, Thank you WASCI!