Nynke from Insulin For Life and her friend Geertuid visit City Garden Clinic

Nynke has been collecting and donating insulin to Sierra Leone for many years. Since dr Erdi came to City Garden Clinic, they also supply insulin from Insulin For Life to City Garden Clinic.

Nynke also provided the contact and the support to receive donation to get the conference room ready for use.


From 16 to 19 November Nynke and her friend Geertruid came to City Garden Clinic. Nynke is a diabetes nurse and shared her experiences after morning report to all staff. Later she also met with all clinicians and showed some practical aspects of the treatment of diabetes.



Geertruid is a psychiatric nurse with a great interest in epilepsy. She had worked with her husband in Panguma in the past, so she knows Sierra Leone well. For this trip she even had contacted the epilepsy focal person in Bambali to join us at the next morning report, and they taught more about epilepsy.


Nynke and Geertruid, thank you so much for your visit and teachings!

We hope to see you back one day!