Orthopaedics at City Garden Clinic

City Garden Clinic aims to subspecialize in orthopedics and urology. We will continue to treat all other conditions to our best ability.

We have experienced a great need of improvement of care in the field of orthopedics and traumatology in Sierra Leone. The only place where proper trauma care is delivered is at Emergency Hospital in Freetown. This means that it is far for those in and around Makeni and that that hospital is often full and can not accept new patients – as one hospital is not enough for this country.

Both dr ABD and Dr Erdi have skills in these areas and put together, many conditions that are often untreated with mayor disabilities as result, can be healed.

Several people have already experienced that: while some might fear they never would walk or function again, they are back on their feet! This tells a story and makes others come to City Garden as well.

At this moment we have quite some trauma/orthopedic cases at the hospital, some on traction, some with POP, some with external fixations. (unto the point that we are running out of external fixation material).

See also the picture of 4 of our patients with external fixation on lower leg, most due to open fractures.

We would like to encourage the Sierra Leone people to come immediately after trauma, as then healing is best. If you try native treatment first, sometimes we can still help you, but it is more difficult, takes longer and is more expensive.

We would like to thank those who provided us with the materials to do orthopedics!

We would like to thank the specialists that we sometimes consult by email for their advises!