Visited by Helping Hand Foundation

The Helping Hand Foundation from the Netherlands has been active in Sierra Leone for several years, mainly in Yele (SDA secondary School) and Yonibana.

A part of the board came to Sierra Leone to visit their projects.

This time they also paid a visit to City Garden Clinic, admired the good work that is being done.

They also visited the Child Care Center in Yele, were they met with Joseph, the manager and the children. In Yele they also met with leadership of the SDA secondary school , including Dr ABD (chairman of the board of the SDA secondary school).

At the SDA Secondary School, the Helping Hand Foundation started this year with a Teach-the-Teacher program which is also implemented at the primary schools via Smarter Hospital Foundation. Both done by Educaid, a British NGO working in Sierra Leone.

It is great to connect and share ideas and support each for the betterment of Sierra Leone!

Thank you for your vist!