News from Erdi

on 10 January 2020.   During the morning transfer on January 8 at the City Garden Clinic hospital in Makeni, Erdi was not present, and after a checkup the on-site staff found her in a comatose state in… Read More

Newsletter Sierra Leone

on 20 March 2020. Dear people, Yesterday I returned to the Netherlands. After Erdi’s funeral I went back to Sierra Leone. It was all very unreal to go back to work without her. First of all, many thanks… Read More

Visited by Helping Hand Foundation

The Helping Hand Foundation from the Netherlands has been active in Sierra Leone for several years, mainly in Yele (SDA secondary School) and Yonibana. A part of the board came to Sierra Leone to visit their projects. This… Read More

Soap making by the polio community

In November we had more visitors staying at City Garden Clinic, our good friends Steve and Ricco and their team that assist the polio community to start a soap making business. They had sent a container before with… Read More

Rest in Peace

On Sunday 24th November we received the sad news that our colleague doctor for CapaCare at Masanga, had passed away on 23rd November in isolation in the Netherlands due to Lassa fever. We have always worked well with… Read More

Orthopaedics at City Garden Clinic

City Garden Clinic aims to subspecialize in orthopedics and urology. We will continue to treat all other conditions to our best ability. We have experienced a great need of improvement of care in the field of orthopedics and… Read More

Nynke from Insulin For Life and her friend Geertuid visit City Garden Clinic

Nynke has been collecting and donating insulin to Sierra Leone for many years. Since dr Erdi came to City Garden Clinic, they also supply insulin from Insulin For Life to City Garden Clinic. Nynke also provided the contact… Read More

Gerry and Petry visit City Garden Clinic to teach

Gerry and Petry two retired midwifes from the Netherlands, who already for years come to Sierra Leone to train TBA’s in Kambia, also visited City Garden Clinic this trip. From 19th to 27th of October they been guest… Read More

Dr Erdi gives presentation at Start Up Bodrum in Turkey

At a health care innovation event in Bodrum, Turkey Dr Erdi gave a presentation about City Garden Clinic and Smarter Hospital. A group of enthusiastic innovators in health care were there. It was great to meet and share… Read More

Change the Game Academy Program

Sustainability of projects in Africa and Sierra Leone specific is very important. Also, Wilde Geese, the sponsor we work with together with Smarter Hospital, has sustainability high on their agenda. So besides being a co-sponsor fo r improving… Read More