Dr Amber returns to City Garden Clinic

The partnership with PIH (Partners in Health) in the US continues, but unfortunately due to various circumstances the residents could not join, but dr Amber came. We were very happy to see dr Amber again. She has been… Read More

40 hernia’s sponsored

Inguinal hernias are quite common in Sierra Leone, but untreated can have serious complications, including death. Hernia’s also have a major social impact as it can make the breadwinner to become unable to do his or her job…. Read More


Today a young girl came walking in the clinic just after clinic hours. She is a polio victim and supported by two crutches. But these crutches are far too small for her. We changed her crutches for crutches… Read More

Grande cleaning City Garden Clinic

Already for some time, the hygiene of City Garden Clinic has our attention: we want to improve it. The cleaners get supply regularly, a better roster for the cleaners have been made, Much effort has been put into… Read More

Hot fermentation

One of the traditional ways of treating illness in Sierra Leone is by “hot fermentation”: applying boiling hot herbs/leaves on the affected body part. Unfortunately this often does not heal the illness, but causes additional burn wounds to… Read More

ALMA students

Alma is a town in Midchigan, where dr Jeff Smith is also from. Many years ago, when dr ABD visited there for the first time, he met prof Hulme. Prof Hulme is a college professor and one of… Read More

Hepatitis B vaccination for City Garden Clinic staff

Hepatitis B is a very common infection in Sierra Leon, but can have severe consequences. Hepatitis B can cause severe liver cirrhosis and even cancer of the liver. These conditions we see regular in City Garden Clinic, so… Read More

Graduation nurses

A big day for Memuna and Fatmata as they graduate as SECHN from Masanga school of healt sciences, nursing department. As representatives from City Garden Clinic, that sponsored their training, dr Erdi and Matron Martha were present. A… Read More

Dutch intern Plym

For little over three months we have enjoyed the presence of Plym. She is a final year medical intern from the Netherlands. She has done her final rotation in City Garden Clinic and also done research on (mis-)conceptions… Read More

Start partnership with PIH USA

This month it was the first time we received doctors from PIH Health Family Medicine Residency. Dr Amber Lin, the coordinator of the program and the first resident Trevor visited City Garden Clinic. They joined in the medical… Read More