Extension of diagnostic and treatment possibilities in City Garden Clinic


The goal of this project is to extend the diagnostic and treatment possibilities in the City Garden Clinic hospital in Makeni, Sierra Leone. The project is developed in cooperation with the Smarter Hospital Foundation and is supported by the Wilde Ganzen (Wild Gees) foundation in the Netherlands. For every 100 € that is donated 50 € will be added by the Wilde Ganzen. The total budget that we need for this project is 90,000 €.

Donation can be done directly to the Smarter Hospital Foundation

Project description

City Garden Clinic (CGC) is a self-sufficient hospital in Makeni, Sierra Leone and is registered with the Ministry of Healthcare. It has a capacity of 64 beds, an outpatient clinic, a small basic laboratory, an operating theatre and a local staff of around 50 employees.

The health care system in Sierra Leone can be described as (very) weak, certainly outside the capital Freetown. For example, there are only 2 doctors per 100,000 inhabitants. A number of basic medical specialties such as simple Urology and simple Orthopedics / Trauma care are almost completely absent, although there is a great need for it. Dr ABD has experience with these types of care, especially Urology, but the right infrastructure and equipment is still lacking.

To be able to provide this care, an X-ray device must be purchased. As there is no suitable space available in the hospital, the device must be installed in a new building that meets the government’s radiation shielding requirements (construction of this building will be done under the Renovation project) (make link). In addition, an anaesthesia device must be purchased so that gas anaesthesia can be applied.

In addition, some specific orthopaedic instruments must be acquired. Furthermore, the functionality of the laboratory must be expanded with the introduction of bio-chemical analysis equipment and a blood bank must be set up in which the special blood refrigerator must have a guaranteed power supply, solar energy. To this end, the laboratory must be expanded, which is possible by adding the neighbouring office, which is currently not being used (see Renovation project). (make link)

The project, developed in cooperation with the Smarter Hospital Foundation has been submitted to Wilde Ganzen and has been approved in principle. However, due to the tragic death of Dr Erdi Huizenga the project has to be reviewed. Fundraising activities have been started by Smarter Hospital and the aim is to actually start the project by mid 2021.

The project mainly consists of purchasing the following equipment:

  • Bio Chemistry Analyzer MED LAB DIAGNOSTICS
  • Glostavent Helix Complete Anesthesia System DIAMEDICA
  • Blood bank Fridge + Solar System; Solar from Energy Independent
  • Digital X-ray
  • Training in new equipment

Donations can be transferred to the Smarter Hospital bank account:

IBAN No: NL09ABNA0552434507
Citing “Donation Wilde Ganzen”