Dr. ABD, just returned from studies in Malawi, was displaced from Masanga in 1996 by the brutal civil war. He rented a 8 bedroom house for the family in Makeni.

Things became very difficult for dr ABD, leprosy patients and for the staff from Masanga.

Therefore ABD converted two rooms and started consultations to earn a living and to help patients and staff.

His consultations became more popular and he had to rent a new building.
The birth of City Garden Clinic.

That building ‘opposite fullah mosk’, also became too small. Therefore dr ABD decided to build his own clinic.


7th July 2008 Laying the first stone for the new building.



2008 Building of basement, front of the new hospital.



Sept 2008 The community assisting with the concreting.



8th April 2009 starting admitting patients
18 bed capacity with offices.



July 2010 Construction of Septic tank.



2011: Construction of first floor, while basement already in use.



22nd Sept 2011: Concreting of first floor.



Last quarter 2011 construction of 2nd floor.



15th March 2012: Concreting second floor



2013 Painting of clinic.



Sept 2014 added balcony first floor.



Sept/Oct 2014




21 August 2014: Ebola hit City Garden Clinic




29 October 2014: City Garden Clinic is closed, Ebola is severe.


24 January 2015: Container from the USA received at City Garden Clinic.



January/February 2015: 2nd quarantine of City Garden Clinic.


15 February 2015: End of quarantine



May/June 2015: Building fence around clinic – an requirement since Ebola for any hospital/clinic.



2016: Construction 4th and fifth floor.



May 2016: Roofing