Mattresses for City Garden Clinic

City Garden Clinic is running for many years and the mattresses for the patients have been used for many years. Many of the 64 beds in the hospital have a damaged mattress. Some mattresses it is mainly the cover that is damaged and therefore hospital hygiene is difficult to maintain.

Other mattresses not only the cover, but also the springs or foam inside is damaged, making lying on them uncomfortable and a higher risk of pressure sores. Already the more bedridden patients were selected to have the better mattresses (eg patients on traction of patients suffering from stroke).

As some money has become available for mattresses, dr ABD visited the Fita Foam factory in Freetown (a brand of mattresses he has good experiences with). And with some negotiations he managed to get a price of SLL 700.000/matras with special high quality cover, not the normal linen cover. He made the order for 30 mattresses, which meant that the hospital would add some money as well.

On 21st of March the new mattresses were delivered as promised and immediately the mattresses were placed on the beds of the patients. All beds on the first floor now have good mattresses and some on the second floor.
It is great to see patients lying on their beds, instead of half sunken in a bad mattress. Dr .ABD noticed that when he would sit on the bed, he would not sink in the mattress and when standing up, there is no print in the mattress where he just sat!

The old mattresses are stored for now, as dr. ABD is in contact with the factory if they can make covers for those mattresses, which still have good foam, but broken cover. So all beds will be having proper mattresses, and better hygiene can be offered. This will require funds again, but less per mattress.