New Uniforms for CGC

New uniforms for the City Garden Clinic

Which is a small private clinic trying to deliver accessible and affordable healthcare with a high quality of service, in a country where there is very limited health care. The aim of the City Garden Clinic is to improve the living standard of the inhabitants  of Makeni and surrounding, in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone. The clinic is working on a cost recovery base, this means that the income should keep the clinic running, there is no aim at making profit. Our staff and volunteers have the utmost commitment to quality services and professional health care.

The clinic has an outpatient department, basic laboratory services, ultrasound services and a pharmacy. There is an inpatient capacity of 64 beds. There are two operating theatres. The clinic is open 24/7 for emergencies and during daytime for all medical problems. This has resulted in positive reputation in surgical care and a growing numbers of clients/patients. (However[SM1]  the clinic does not have a maternity at this moment.) The clinic has about 50 staff: 12 clinicians/lab, 21 nurses, 6 admin staff and 11 support staff (cleaners and security).

The clinic is in a positive growing cycle and is now implementing a variety of projects to further improve the quality and professionalism of the provided healthcare. One of the projects is uniforms for all staff. This is essential because of the clients/patients needs to be able to recognise the staff .

As stated the clinic tries to be accessible and affordable, so the prizes are kept as low as possible. Even in some cases clients that cannot afford treatment will receive treatment, because ethically the Clinic cannot send them away. Since uniforms are not directly linked to health care, there is no money to buy uniforms.

Therefor we kindly request assistance for City Garden Clinic to provide its staff with new proper identifiable uniforms. To keep it affordable and sustainable, we would like to buy local rolls of good quality cloths and have a local tailor make 2 uniforms for each staff. All uniforms will be decorated with a woven logo of the clinic.  More logo’s will be ordered, so future new staff can be provided uniforms as well.

The Smarter Hospital foundation supports this project and through the donation button your donation goes directly to this initiative.