Preparing City Garden Clinic for the fight against Corona

The goal of this project is to prepare the City Garden Clinic hospital in Makeni, Sierra Leone for the fight against Corona/Covid 19. The project is supported by the “Wilde Ganzen” (Wild Gees) foundation in the Netherlands within their specially established “Corona Fund”.

The project is finished beginning of November, we want to thank all the sponsors, local constructor and the hospital for their support.

Project description

City Garden Clinic (CGC) is a self-sufficient hospital in Makeni, Sierra Leone and is registered with the Ministry of Healthcare. It has a capacity of 64 beds, an outpatient clinic, a small basic laboratory, an operating theatre and a local staff of around 50 employees. However there are some major shortcomings i.e. there are no proper isolation facilities for patients with contagious diseases like Corona while adequate facilities to dispose of medical waste in a medically and environmentally safe way are totally lacking.

To address these shortcomings, together with the Smarter Hospital Foundation a project proposal was submitted to the Wilde Ganzen Corona fund and was subsequently approved. The total required and approved budget amounted to almost 530 Million Leones or € 50,000 of which half was raised by Smarter Hospital while the other half was matched by Wilde Ganzen.

The project consists of three sub-projects:

  • Construction of an isolation facility with a capacity of 8 beds in a separate building
  • Construction of a fenced off waste processing facility with a medical waste incinerator, a closed pit for ashes, a closed pit for needles and sharps and a closed pit for placenta and body tissue. The facility is located on a plot of land belonging to the hospital outside Makeni
  • Acquisition of a large supply of Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) and cleaning materials and hospital furniture (beds etc.) for the isolation rooms.

For the construction activities Mosmed Construction & General Services was contracted with the contract signed in June 2020 while the actual construction started in July after some delay due to the then prevailing Corona travel restrictions in Sierra Leone. The project is completed by November 2020.