Who are we

Founder and Proprietor: Dr Abdulai Daniel Sesay (ABD).

Dr. ABD was born and raised in a small village near Yele, in the center of Sierra Leone.
After secondary school he started working in Masanga Leprosy Hospital as lab aide. There he was noticed for his intelligence and commitment. He was send to Malawi for studies. In Malawi he did a course called medical assistant.

After graduating he returned to Masanga and worked for a short period with the American doctors there. But soon after he returned the civil war broke out, so the expat had to leave. ABD was left in charge of Masanga Hospital. Due to several attacks and destruction by the rebels he was forces to  leave Masanga. For some time he had worked in Lungi, but later returned to Makeni, were he started City Garden Clinic (see also history of City Garden Clinic).

Together with Harold Pheiffer he realized the dream of building Magbenteh Community Hospital in 2006.
He continued to also work on City Garden Clinic. In 2012 he was elected as member of parliament for the Yele area.

HR/Admin manager: Joseph Lowo Conteh.

Joseph Lowo Conteh is a born Sierra Leonean who narrowly escaped being crippled by Polio at age 3, but now left with a left limping leg. With little opportunities and limited resources offered by his peasant farmer parents, Joseph went through his ladder of education and obtained a Diploma at Uganda Martyrs University in Business Administration and Management. He further graduated at the University of Makeni (UNIMAK), where he obtained a B.Sc degree in Business Administration and Management and was honored as the “Best Student” for that year.

Joseph has vast knowledge and experience in various fields as he had worked with NEBCO Mining Company as Administrative Officer/Purchase Officer from 1990 – 1993. He worked as Hospital Cashier at Masanga Leprosy Hospital from 1993 – 1997 when the Rebel war intensified and the hospital attacked and vandalized. During that stressful moment, Joseph gained employment with Action Contre La Faim (a French International Relief Organization) that was engaged in the treatment of Malnutrition. He worked there from 1997 – 2005 and climbed many promotional ladders: Home visitor, Registrar, Therapeutic Feeding Centre (TFC) Supervisor and Nutrition Program Counterpart/Manager.

From 2005 – May 2006, at the close of the war, disarmament and integration, Joseph integrated the Nutrition program of Action Contre La Faim to Magbenteh Community hospital and served there as TFC Supervisor and Administrative Officer.

In Pursuance of further experience in Business, Joseph joined Salone Micro-finance Trust Ltd to empower low income business people in Sierra Leone. From June 2006 – 2018 he serve in the capacities of Finance Assistant, Finance Officer and Senior Finance Officer.

With all the workload, Joseph was able to manage his time to support the dream and vision of Dr. A.B. Sesay, the proprietor of City Garden Clinic in Makeni. He is the co-founder of Foot Print Mission Sierra Leone. He is a member of the team of City Garden Clinic in building it to a high level. He serves as HR/Admin Manager as a part term worker.